Mai’s Life: The Beauty Of Nassau, Bahama

We were in Nassau, Bahamas celebrating my beautiful mother’s birthday. I have a couple of pictures from Nassau, Bahamas to share but here are a few of my favorite. It was our very first day in Nassau and we spent the morning sharing a good amount of laughter! We did a little bit of sight seeing early on and then in the afternoon, went out for a lovely lunch.  I am always in love with the serenity of the Caribbean. Please share my love for all things tropical. Continue reading

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Maxi dresses, as we all know, are not only one of the most comfortable, flattering, and forgiving items of clothing to wear, but they’re also surprisingly versatile too. From dressed up fancy to a little bit funky, work appropriate to … Continue reading

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Two things I am crazy about and in love with are vibrant Ankara Prints and sexy, flirty maxi Dresses. They are my go to item. They are always fun and flirty . I adores them because they are easy to style and accessorize. Most importantly, they can be worn in any weather. From Spring to Summer, Fall and winter if you fancy they are a closet must have. In the colder months just put a nice jacket over it and you are ready to hit the town

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Skirts, Skirts, Skirts—— Maxi, Mini, Pencil And Flare Skirts

Skirts, Skirts, Skirts------ Maxi, Mini, Pencil And Flare Skirts

African Print pencil skirts from Zabba Designs is the perfect piece to complement any wardrobe. Wear it to the office and easily transforms it for a night on the town. This Gorgeous African Print Skirt flatters your figure and helps defines your waist line perfectly.

WAX & African Print Fabric

Wax is the name for a factory-made fabric produced using a mechanical wax resist (batik) during the cloth dying process; each color is dyed into the cloth. African Print Fabrics are also made by rolling ink across a printing plate and rolling the ink onto the cloth.

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Wilma Rudolph

Wilma Rudolph was the 20th of 22 children. As a young child she was paralyzed by polio, and contracted both scarlet fever and double pneumonia. Many doctors felt she would never walk again, yet she always believed otherwise. By the time she was 12, she had regained her ability to walk and took up athletics.

Eight years later she was an Olympic champion. Rudolph made her Olympic debut at the 1956 Melbourne Games. Aged just 16, she was a member of the American 4x100m relay team that claimed a bronze medal.

The 1960 Rome Games provided the defining moments of Rudolph’s extraordinary life story. She stormed to gold in the 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay, breaking three world records in the process. She was dubbed “The Black Gazelle” by the European press for her speed, beauty and grace.

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The Sahara II Vest


The Sahara II Vest

This structured vest is accentuated with a recyclable rope detail along the waistline and sleeves. The wide neckline and squared off V-neck create a soft and alluring structure. Coupled with a fitted silhouette and scooped sides, the Sahara Vest can be as conservative or as sexy as you make it.


* 100% Cotton Kente Cloth
* Recyclable Rope Detail
* Snap Front Closure

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The Akan Jacket


This structured jacket is accentuated with a recyclable rope detail along the waistline and neckline. Coupled with a fitted silhouette and scooped sides, the Akan jacket can be as conservative or as sexy as you make it.

Did you know ??

Recyclable rope is commonly used by Ivorian villagers to get water from the well !!


* 100% Cotton Kente Cloth
* Recyclable Rope Detail
* Snap Front Closure


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The Little Cakewalkers


[Siblings Rudy and Fredy Walker performing the ‘Cakewalk’ in France. ‘A History of African American Theatre’ by Errol G. Hill and James V. Hatch.]

The Cakewalk became a popular stage act for expert dancers as well as a craze in fashionable ballrooms at the turn of the twentieth century. Couples formed a square with the men on the inside and stepping high to a lively tune, strutted around the square.

The couples were eliminated one by one by several judges, who considered the elegant bearing of the men, the grace of the women and the creativity of the dancers; the last remaining pair was presented with a highly decorated cake. Thus the name…

The cakewalk originated among American Black slaves who, often in the company of their masters, used the dance as a subtle satire on the elegance of white ballroom dances. It contributed to the evolution of later American and European dances based on jazz culture, rhythms, and that musical influence on the growth of ragtime.

About the kids

Ruth (Rudy) Walker [b.1891 – d.1928] and her little brother Frederick (Fredy) Walker [b.1893 -d.1977], known as The Walkers, song and dance entertainers and actors, were both born in Chicago, IL. It appears that at some time in 1902 through 1908, the two dancers, traveled to Europe in the company of their mother, Ella Walker, herself an artist, born in Chicago (circa 1860s).

Billed as “Les Enfants Nègres,” their presentations of the cakewalk dance attracted a lot of attention at the Nouveau Cirque at Paris and paved the way for a long career in Europe. They became so popular that they inspired a composer, a sculptor and a movie film director, as well as cartoonists.

Their portraits appear on many postcards; in fact, they might well be the most often photographed African American entertainers of that period… 😀


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Flashback Friday: Mary Fields (aka “Stagecoach Mary”)


Today we remember Mary Fields, also known as “Stagecoach Mary.” She was the first African-American woman employed as a mail carrier in the United States, and just the second American woman to work for the United States Postal Service.

Even though she was about 60 years old when she applied, Mary was hired because she was the fastest applicant to hitch a team of six horses. She never missed a day, and her reliability earned her the nickname “Stagecoach.”

She was born a slave in 1832 and died a legend in her own time in 1914.

Thank You for the doors you’ve opened and the boundaries you’ve broken… RESPECT !!

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The Simplicity of Pencils & Erasers


Remember when we were little, just starting out school and we wrote in our 2A, 2B and 2D exercise books with those fancy pencils with erasers on their bottom? We could easily erase whatever mistake we made as we wrote down letters of the alphabet and simple arithmetic as all we had to do was turn the pencils the other way and wipe off the error.

As we grew older and moved into more senior classes, the fancy pencils were replaced with HB pencils. In the upper primary school classes, our pencils were finally replaced with Biros. We moved further in our scholarly pursuits with various forms of pens, and we no longer had the luxury of simply erasing our mistakes.

This pencil and pen situation seems to ring true in the lives of most of us as well. It seems that the older and more sophisticated we get, the more we lose the ability to simply shrug things off and let go. As children, we played, had adventures and laughed off pain easily after crying for a while and few of us had unresolved issues but it seems as we got older and more intelligent with the ability to analyse, interrogate and read between the lines, it became complicated.

No moaning, bitching, complaining or criticizing in 2014. If you didn’t get that promotion, open your eyes to see what you hadn’t been able to see and if you are really convinced you are being victimized then take steps to get a new job.

Guys, it’s time to let go; have a life, forgive ourselves, and everyone and move on.

Now get me some erasers.

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