Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Are you sort of a last-minute kind of girl. Birthdays tend to sneak up on you, as do holidays like Mother’s Day. Blogging, however, requires things to be done ahead of time. That said, I have some things thought out for Mother’s Day this year. Oh well, here’s a few last minute gift ideas just in case you’re still wondering what to do for your mom for Mother’s Day.


Flowers are always a nice idea. You can make mom tissue paper flowers…


… or give her real ones. These are just small pots of gerber daisies that can be picked up at the nursery and stuck in a wooden whiskey box. You can find small wooden crates at thrift stores, or pick up a new one at the liquor store. Use the box and save the bottle to give to your dad for Father’s Day! 🙂


You can also buy flowers at the store (or pick some from your garden) and make your own bouquet for mom.


Umm… chocolate is always good. This chocolate cherry cake would be a nice addition to a Mother’s Day brunch.

111113_030 (1)

As would these super easy chocolate croissants. Yum!! 🙂


You could also make her small silhouettes of her grandchildren, or big ones if you have the time!

Not a gift giver? Most moms also like spending time with their children and grandchildren. Take her someplace special like your local arboretum! 🙂


About Zabba Designs

Zabba Designs is base on my love for everything and anything African and my belief that it is every women’s right to look and feel glamorous and elegant regardless of body shape and size. Zabba Designs specializes in merging two very different cultures to create an explosion of unique style and color. I love the colorful and self-expressive approach of the life of the people in West Africa. Join me as we explore my Africa.
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