The Simplicity of Pencils & Erasers


Remember when we were little, just starting out school and we wrote in our 2A, 2B and 2D exercise books with those fancy pencils with erasers on their bottom? We could easily erase whatever mistake we made as we wrote down letters of the alphabet and simple arithmetic as all we had to do was turn the pencils the other way and wipe off the error.

As we grew older and moved into more senior classes, the fancy pencils were replaced with HB pencils. In the upper primary school classes, our pencils were finally replaced with Biros. We moved further in our scholarly pursuits with various forms of pens, and we no longer had the luxury of simply erasing our mistakes.

This pencil and pen situation seems to ring true in the lives of most of us as well. It seems that the older and more sophisticated we get, the more we lose the ability to simply shrug things off and let go. As children, we played, had adventures and laughed off pain easily after crying for a while and few of us had unresolved issues but it seems as we got older and more intelligent with the ability to analyse, interrogate and read between the lines, it became complicated.

No moaning, bitching, complaining or criticizing in 2014. If you didn’t get that promotion, open your eyes to see what you hadn’t been able to see and if you are really convinced you are being victimized then take steps to get a new job.

Guys, it’s time to let go; have a life, forgive ourselves, and everyone and move on.

Now get me some erasers.

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Zabba Designs is base on my love for everything and anything African and my belief that it is every women’s right to look and feel glamorous and elegant regardless of body shape and size. Zabba Designs specializes in merging two very different cultures to create an explosion of unique style and color. I love the colorful and self-expressive approach of the life of the people in West Africa. Join me as we explore my Africa.
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